Our Cancer Year

by The Path

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Cassette version of "Our Cancer Year" out now on Byyyyyyyah! Records from Seattle, WA!


released December 1, 2016

Recorded live in Matt's basement by Eric "Noodle" Wisowaty on October 12th, 14th & 19th, 2016. Eric is one of the finest people we've had the pleasure of knowing.

All songs by The Path, except "Fuck the Border" by Propagandhi. All lyrics by Jon Berg except "Soul Murder" by Matt Kimball. Additional vocals by Kris and Phil.



all rights reserved


The Path Vermont

The Path is:
Phil, Matt, Liam. Kris and Jon.

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Track Name: The Darkest Timeline
Shut the door and lock it.

It happened so fast. quick blast and it started coming down
grab the people within arms reach and keep your back to the sound
and don’t hit the ground

It happened so fast. quick blast and it started coming down

swallow your fears keep breathing
run down the stairs just keep breathing
close the hatch lock the door take a deep breath and count to four

the silence is deafening.
At least we we made it in.
Track Name: Picking Up My Teeth With Broken Fingers!
This box is a coffin that I’m not allowed to die in
It’s meant to survive in but what are we surviving?
This is the end this is the end
The dead don’t fear death anymore
Track Name: So It Goes
I feel good today
woke up, stretched out I hope it stays this way
I can breath a little better from beneath the weight! it’s time to stand up and put my head on straight! maybe today will be the day.

I don’t know how long it will last
so I will to stretch the moments until they pass
Track Name: What Happened, Happened.
Where is it? Where did it go?
I know it’s in here because I fucking put it in here
Where is it? Where did it go?
I know it’s in here because I put it in here my fucking self.
My planning meticulous I didn’t miss a damn thing
I must be delirious its the first thing I thought to bring

Toss the room destroy all the furniture

my paths been good to me it will be good to me!

keep your eye on your prizes hold tight to the past
focus on better times a plan to bring them back.
Track Name: My Friend the Folk Lore
The weight of the world is on our shoulders chains to boulders the great upholders.

Pass on the stories of adventure and glory and we can live forever

The cost is too high, don’t let your loved ones die.
We are the stories we leave behind.
Track Name: Clark Kent
A roach crawled into my ear last night and made a home.
I could hear it all chewing all night.
Until it stretched its legs and laid some eggs and make a life for itself.
Now it's never coming out.

Get the drill and get them out.
Track Name: Fuck the Border (Propagandhi)
A friend of mine dropped me a line, it said, “man, I gotta run to the USA. I got no money, got no job.” She skipped out of Mexico to stay alive. You’ve got a problem with her living here, but what did you do to help her before she fucking came? What did the country do? What did the people do? I stand not by my country, but by people of the whole fucking world. No fences, no borders. Free movement for all. Fuck the border. It’s about fucking time to treat people with respect. It’s our culture and consumption that makes her life unbearable. Fuck this country; its angry eyes, its knee-jerk hordes. Legal or illegal, watch her fucking go. She’ll take what’s hers. Watch her fucking go.

Fuck the border.
Track Name: Soul Murder
Stripped of all innocence 

You endure a lifetime of pain and shame
It’s soul murder.
Track Name: What the Ice Takes, the Ice Keeps (AKA: Spy Kidz)
My heart is racing my feet won’t stop pacing
my mind is bracing for the storm thats heading my way

The room feels so small theres no room at all

wave after wave after wave after wave but I refuse to drown

my blood is expanding my lungs are contracting
gravity has an effect on me that won’t let me off the ground
But I’m trying

The room feels so small theres no room at all!